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The workbook that provides a roadmap to a successful WorkLife transition.

Whether you’re starting on your WorkLife path, advancing in your career or breaking all the rules, NEWORK will guide you step-by-step toward your successful transition!

Discover new rules
  • the job search
  • finding work you value and enjoy
  • life on your terms
  • a fresh start

Learn to...
  • fashion a hot resume
  • tame the Internet
  • pitch your speed stories
  • conduct absurdly successful interviews
  • benefit from social media

NEWORK by Kit Kammer

  • Paperback
  • Downloadable pdf
  • Downloadable pdfs by the chapter

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• Which works better for you – a functional resume or chronological resume?
• Will your elevator speech create opportunities?
• Does your resume include action verbs?
• If onboarding, do you know what to do the first day at your new job?
• Do you need to make a change in your work, but don’t know how?

With more than 30 years of helping others in WorkLife transition, Kit knows what works and what doesn’t. By following the suggestions and exercises presented in this workbook, you will have what you need to confidently achieve balance and attain your goal.

NEWORK BackpackWhat a great adventure lies ahead – complete with all the excitement that accompanies any foray into the unknown. NEWORK® equips you with the tools to uncover your own matchless treasure – a new position, a new career, your own chosen NEWORK®!