4-Year Degree and No Job in Sight?

Venn diagramAre you a recent graduate with a liberal arts degree and wonder which jobs fit your skills and personality?

Your passion and natural enthusiasm for certain subjects or activities help you identify careers or environments that bring you WorkLife happiness. Working at something you enjoy can make all the difference between a job and a career.

Wouldn’t you love to say, “You mean I get paid for doing this? I love my work.” 

stopWait a Minute …
I can’t tell you what I’m passionate about because I have no idea what my interests are or what motivates me!

For a comprehensive evaluation, Kammer & Associates offers various assessment tools, administered by certified coaches. We are highly skilled in the use of the most successful career assessment instrument, The Birkman Method®.

The Birkman Method® allows you to assess career interests, motivations, and the work environments that will strengthen the potential for a successful job and career fit. Using the Birkman personality assessment can help move you beyond the realm of identifying a “good career” into one in which the career would be “good for you.”

Click here for a free assessment. Allow 25-35 minutes to complete the questionnaire. After completion, you will receive an email with a free personal report entitled, “Some Basic Information About You,” which is generated from the answers you give.

To receive an extensive report to help you further identify careers or environments that bring you WorkLife happiness, contact Kammer & Associates, Inc.