A 4-Star Review

Kit’s book, NEWORK, received a 4-star review by Karen Pirnot for Readers Favorite:

“Nework” by Katherine Kammer is a nifty little workbook of ideas to help find balance in the working part of one’s life. The author tells the reader that career goals are obtainable but that, with many of us, the goal is actually a step-by-step process in which small defeats must be handled in order to continue on the right path to the career goal. The reader will learn how physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energy must be portioned in order that balance in the working life be achieved. The author explains the process of setting up goals and then tackling a resume that will catch the attention of those who can help to facilitate one’s goals. Handling interviews and negotiating terms of employment is a very helpful section to those not accustomed to having to toot their own horn and for those who like to think their own work abilities should speak for themselves. Probably one of the most helpful pages for females is one in which the author encourages women to speak up for themselves in order to achieve pay equity.

This is a very user-friendly book in which one’s thinking can be put in a check/balance mode. Assessing just what one WANTS to be responsible for is one of the critical thinking checks and one which is oftentimes overlooked in other self-help books. Even though I’m not so sure that the information itself is entirely new, the format and the practical nature of the book make it one which will appeal to those looking for a better working world.”