Career Trends

The changes in career trends are accelerating rapidly. The most exciting trend and the one most difficult to adapt to is the fact that every job is temporary. This is now true whether you are a boss, manager, or employee. After World War II, employees joined companies for life. Today, jobs are fluid because companies are bought and sold, cost centers are reassigned or redefined, profiles of what it takes to be a top performer are rethought, and successful companies are constantly changing to compete.

Another exciting career trend we are seeing is the need to be constantly learning. It is no longer enough to get an education at the age of 22 and expect that education to see you through a 50 year career. Learning is now life long in order to keep up with the constantly changing competitive environment and rapidly developing technology. Technology developments change our world at an amazing pace making continuous learning necessary to stay on top of your chosen specialty.

The lines between work and play are dissolving. Richard Bolles, author of What Color is Your Parachute?, believes life is divided into 4 parts: work, adventure, learning, and play. Since we can now take our work with us anywhere we go, work can be adventurous and play-filled. Every hour of the day can now be used differently; all working arrangements are open to redesign. An example of this trend includes the growth of the home office (SOHO – small office, home office) businesses.

These 3 trends, every job is temporary, the need to be constantly learning, and the lines between work and play dissolving, provide a great challenge for those people who count on things to remain as they were. These trends increase the need for career coaching and development. Kammer & Associates is prepared to help you meet those needs.