“Kit has done a great job of de-mystifying and providing practical tips to some of the minefields of job search…all in a user friendly and concise way.”
~ DIANE CROMPTON, co-author of Find a Job Through Social Networking

“This is a beautifully written and crafted manuscript. In the hands of a dedicated NEWORK traveler, it is the guidebook to work heaven.”
~ JANA JOPSON, owner and instructional designer at Just You Imagine

“I am delighted to recommend Kit Kammer’s new job search and career management guide book: NEWORK. So many people are going through career transition today, and most have little coaching and direction for that critical journey. Guidance, perspective, timely advice, and tools are exactly what Kit shares in this new book!

And she has a wonderful dual perspective. She has years of experience coaching corporate executives on leadership and talent management topics. Plus, she has helped hundreds of people through the challenging process of career transition. She understands corporate HR functions and is therefore an excellent person to guide jobseekers to new and satisfying roles!”
~ ELLEN SAUTTER, co-author of Find a Job Through Social Networking