The Value of Outplacement – How it Can Help

In today’s business environment, there’s a growing realization that many “reductions in force” and terminations are “no fault.” They are likely to be a natural by-product of changes in business conditions, corporate strategic direction or management. The fundamental intent of our corporate outplacement is to assist both sides in a smooth exit and transition into the next career phase. Following are some widely held industry views on the value of corporate outplacement.

For the Sponsor

  • Eases the highly stressful job for the manager of terminating an employee
  • Provides for timely, confident decisions to release employees who no longer fit the organization’s needs
  • Reduces exposure to litigation
  • Improves relationships between departing employees and employers
  • Maintains morale and productivity among remaining employees
  • Reduces overall cost of terminations
  • Promotes a positive image of the organization to its various constituencies

For the Individual

  • Teaches skills needed to conduct a rapid, effective re-employment campaign
  • Provides professional support during personal crisis; works to restore self-confidence and morale
  • Develops an understanding of what went wrong and the need to focus on the future
  • Develops insights into changes needed for future success, helps set new goals, and teaches skills needed for future career management
  • Provides comprehensive consultation and administrative support throughout the campaign

Whether you are a sponsor or an individual, Kammer & Associates can answer your questions – in complete confidence – about any phase of the professional corporate outplacement process.